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Lisbon ou city is an endless city, with so many history to know, stories to listen sites to see, flavor to taste, colors to shot! This is our city, our home, the place we love the place we desire to show you, the city, the forest, the beaches of Lisboa, the night, the food, the suburbs where we live or even Portugal in our most beloved tour, The Fisherman´s way a Long way down to Algarve, a paradise on hearth... we´re looking forward to bike with you!
  • the reason why we are here are the hills, only the hills! 

  • yes it's hard, but we never get tired, this city, all the ups and downs the narrow streets ending in the most scenic view will made your day...

  • if you like to bike this tour and this city are a must do with our electric bike pushing you up to the best picture in town!

  • addicted in history we are! we can't even believe in all of our stories... but we invite you to listen all.

  • the first nation in Europe, the city of Ulisses, the house of knight templars. Yes, we were jewish and moors and the romans made us slavers. One day we controlled the world, we called in love by India and teached the Japanese to cock tempura. 

  • Take advantage of this delicious tour to visit and take an unforgettable taste of the flavors of the city. Trying the unavoidable "pastel de nata" in one of the oldest pastry shops, cheer up around a Portuguese beer on one of the most amazing sightseeing looking up on the Tagus river, eating the famous "pastel de bacalhau" and sharing again the original "ginginha de Óbidos" will be some of our tasteful encounters of this tour. Get prepared you´ll love it!

  • Start by riding up with us towards Lisbon top sightseeing’s to watch the beginning of one of the most beautiful sunset in the world through a 360º view, then enter softly into the night cycling along the seven hills and finally conclude the journey with the last ray of daylight over the city. Come explore the charming life of Lisbon by night! know you.

  • The remarkable Belem Tower, the astonishing Jeronimo's Monastery, the unique taste of the traditional "Pasteis de Belém" are just a few pearls to be discovered along this calm and relaxing tour along the river.

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