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THE Kayak Tour.

  • This tour will get you from Lisbon to Sesimbra´s Port, from where we depart to enjoy the emerald and turquoise waters, giant cliffs, caves, and one of the most beautiful beaches of Europe, providing you snorkels and a great picnic!

  • Join our journey to a secret wild and undiscovered beach only 45 minutes from Lisbon, also known by many as "the pearl of the Atlantic" by the sea of Arrabida, and the beach that was considered by European Best Destinations as the best of Europe 2017, the emerald and blue waters, and much more including beautiful cliffs and an endless ocean.

  • With our kayaks, we have a tour planned specially for you to enjoy the best and most beautiful sea, beaches, caves, cliffs and enjoy the paddling!

  • Come and paddle, enjoy the sun, have a pic-nic and do snorkeling in one of the most amazing spots in the portuguese coast and the North Atlantic Ocean, and all of this departing from Lisbon city center. Just bring your sunglasses, your sunscreen and a big smile and make your day a perfect time!

the Beach
Our Kayaks
    Today we will transport you to the best kept secret of Lisboa. A place also unknown to many of us and so close from Lisboa city center. An hard place to get, but reach this paradise is not for everyone, an hard hiking trail or a wonderful kayak tour, it´s your choice! Welcome to our van, in 30 minutes we will be preparing our kayaks to start our journey. Just bring your sunglasses and a waterproof camera to swim, we have a snorkel for you. The pic-pic at the beach is also ready, we have all you need just enjoy and relax your first day in heaven...
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