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Visiting Lisbon is already an adventure, now imagine cycling and eating through  it. Imagine yourself one day as a Portuguese, imagine that today the center of your food will be the the Pastel de Nata, imagine that today your food will have some extra kilos of salt, imagine that you can eat all of these fried pastries for ever. Imagine that now your heart is Portuguese and you need to drink 6 coffees to continue alive...
I hope you feel prepared and understand that this will not be a normal food tour, this will be the horrific reality of a Portuguese man in a hurry day in the city of Lisboa. 
Bike side by side with the locals and embark on this gastronomic quest, cycling our electric bikes and discovering the history of portuguese cuisine.
  • Maybe the most used word of our vocabulary our favorite drink and expression: "vou ao café" used many times a day, some with other intention.

  • yes we drink many a day, socially or by addiction is part of us, part of Lisboa, part of our history...

  • Every one talks about him, writes about him and yes is now for sure the greatest icon of Lisboa. Forget the bacon, yogurt or fruit, this sweet and the coffee is the oficial breakfast of Portugal. 

  • However this Deli is a very recent part of our history and gastronomy. 

  • For sure the base of our kitchen, but is not ours! this was the beloved fish adopted by the sailor in the 15th century. 

  • 365 diferente ways to cook it, this one is our favorite ideal to snack on track every loves it! 

  • If Bacalhau is the king, Sardines is the Queen of our gastronomy and yes, is 100% Nacional, fished and grilled on Portuguese territory !

  • Nowadays see one of this fresh beauties can be hard, everyone wants a bite, fish can be the secret of Life. 

  • It's all very important for us, the sardines, bacalhau, but the soup no one can take from our diet. 

  • All the regions of Portugal has they´re own soups, with fish, meat, stronger, spicy. Today we want to give you the flavor of Portugal, the flavor of the Açorda, this soup, can resume all the flavors of Portugal in a spoon!

  • We can not finish our tour without more sugar than a Ginginha, the liquor or the city of Lisboa.  

  • Let´s take our time to finish our bottle of Ginga, cigars are not included in our tour, but yes, for sure it would fulfill our food tour.

Pasteis de nata
IMG_9213 2.JPG
The Sardines of Lisboa
Aluhé Xavier best guide in town
food tour lisboa

                     the Delicious TOUR.

4 hours tour, 55€

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