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Today we will invite to come inside our neighborhood, our house, our Life. We want to invite you for a simple tour, no stories about king or big heroes, today is another simple morning at our coffee table with the best pastries of Lisboa. Today is to talk about us, we also want to tell you our stories, we want to talk about the real heroes, show you where we played soccer with our friends where we ride a bike with our kids on Sundays Morning. Today we want to you in Lisboa, understanding our city, our people and their simple routines.
Lisbon is much more that the city center, Lisboa is not only about the pretty palaces, great castles or amazing avenues, is more, lisboa is real and happens here! everyday in Lisboa XL.
  • From the center of Lisboa, from the top of Edward VII all the tour go down, down to the river, they go down town. 

  • Forget it, this tour goes out, out of the center, out of town and goes up, goes to Monsanto to the city forest, considered the biggest urban park in the world.

  • The lungs of Lisboa, the biggest urban park in the world a natural reserve a way out of a difficult day in the city. 

  • Monsato is for many people his own home, a shelter, a playgroup a sports park or spiritual center... but for us Monsanto is most of all a place to get lost! Today we will discover this urban forest, a forest all inside Lisbon city with you in this extra Large tour!

  • Where i live, my mom, my friends. Benfica the most charismatic district of Lisboa, also the place where the best Pasteis the nata lives. 

  • The pastrie is not charming, the presentation is not fantastic, but the "pasteis" are great! yes here born and lives what was considered " O Melhor Pastel de Nata de Lisboa" a stop with coffee is mandatory !! 

  • Carnide is not only special for Lisboa, is for sure the most important place for us. Here, have the most important meeting point of Portugal, a place where we can meet old friends and lost family.

  • Is the big shopping mall Colombo and the great Stadium of Benfica Sports Club and we love them, yes, shopping and watch soccer, is big and important part of our culture! Who denied it or doest not mention that, is not a good guide.

  • Back to the city center, we start to miss the great forest, the real districts and all the amazing parks. An unexpected city, a city that we never saw before, in any postcard.

  • Lisbon center is unbelievable, but miss a real city like Lisboa, should stop now! Lisbon is much more that the city center. Lisboa is the people, the real life, that happens here, everyday in Lisboa XL.

"Top of the Park"
Campo Grande

                 Lisboa XL TOUR

3 hours tour, 37€

  • This is maybe the most desired district to live in Lisboa city, in this border between the city and the suburbs lives great part of us, Benfica, Carnide and Benfica fixes 80% os Lisbon Population.

  • Once a poor and humble part of town, Telheiras "the tin neighborhood" became in last years a beautiful and an amazing place to live thanks to his great variety of services, like great coffees, bakeries and restaurants. 

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